We want to help chefs, artists, brands, and creatives (or anyone with a similar vision) curate experiences that act as a platform to showcase their work, product, or story.


In a world where we're constantly experiencing fleeting digital connectivity, Nala wants to bring the focus back to making connections on the most human level - through the communal act of sharing a good meal. And while we're at it, to also explore beauty in design, new cultures, surroundings, and cuisines.


From dining al fresco among the olive trees in Puglia, to sharing a giant skillet of seafood paella at a seaside village in Mallorca, to indulging in a pot of green curry while immersing oneself in the arts of handwoven textiles on a silk plantation in rural Thailand —


We believe that great experiences provide space for individuals to engage more deeply and interact more consciously with products in a genuine setting, thus cultivating meaningful emotions and lasting associations.

We'd love to build beautiful experiences with you!


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