La Muralla Roja

Left: La Muralla Roja

Right: Algorithmically-modeled raspberry chocolate cake by Dinara Kasko


Translating to 'The Red Wall', La Muralla Roja is a housing project situated in Calpe, Spain which contains 50 apartments of interlocking stairs, platforms, and bridges. The fortress-style development is a modern representation of the 'casbah', a traditional architecture structure found in many North African countries.

According to Bofill, the outside walls are painted in various tones of pink and red to accentuate the contrast with the landscape while patios and stairs are treated with blue tones, such as indigo and violet to blend in with the sky. This offers an optical illusion effect where visitors can achieve different views depending on where one is situated and where one's gaze is directed to. The intensity of the colors themselves also changes in relation to the lighting and time of day, thus creating a greater illusion of space.

Bofill's use of stairs and optical illusions struck us as particularly relevant for this month's theme. To us, stairs represent continual exploration, elevation, and ambiguity in the unknown, which inevitably comes with personal growth, while optical illusions encourage one's use of imagination.

Significant shape and color parallels can be found in this edible cake structure by Dinara Kasko, a Ukrainian architect-turned-pastry chef. Dinara combines her passions of food and architecture by integrating Geometric abstractionism and Kinetic art into baking, making use of volumetric figures, intense colors filtered through light, and combinations of colored layers. Her creative philosophy involves the belief that everything in life has diverse levels of narrative and spatial perceptions, which is the message we'd like to underline in the pursuit of one's dérive.